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Join Us For Second Semester Of The Online '20-'21 school year. Your journey begins January 25, 2021.

We are recruiting high school students to join us for the second semester of the '20-'21 school year. Students will engage in improving their math skills, building annotations skills, creating inductive reasoning, exploring the early history of ancient civilizations, and learn civics through hands on experience. Of course, we will also be teaching our Honors program for those students seeking to create an elite pathway to success featuring additional skills in college level writing.

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About Us

Chloe Preparatory Academy is a private high school founded in 2020. Chloe Preparatory Academy enrolls first year high school students, 1st & 2nd year students into our Honors Development Program, through the process of application and examination, and all other students by application, examination, and interview.

Our Mission: We believe, given the proper tools, every student has the ability to achieve beyond their expectations. Our duty as educators manifest as a responsibility to inspire learning, so a student becomes their vision of success.


Our Vision: We imagine a world where students are given the education to match their interests, taught by teachers whose passion for sharing their knowledge and experiences creates the leaders who in turn create better communities.

Our Goals:

 1)        To prepare our students for advancement in an academic career by maintaining direct connections with local institutions of Higher Learning, so our curriculum can adjust to serve the needs of students with emphasis on community college as a destination.

2)      To provide work force readiness by offering certifications and professional certification preparation at a post-baccalaureate level and taught by professionals with active participation in the field of content.

3)      To support social and emotional growth by integrating mentorship and peer interaction into the curriculum.

4)      To not only teach, but to inspire learning and thinking by remaining flexible to the interests and needs of our students.

Example Spring Semester Courses

1. Reading Comprehension I

Principles and practices of college-level writing. Includes critically reading texts, writing college-level essays using a variety of strategies, practicing diverse writing practices, using research effectively, and using standard grammar and mechanics.

2. PreCalculus I

College-level algebra. Includes equations, systems of equations, algebraic and transcendental functions, inequalities, sequences and series, and calculator use.

3. Stars, Galaxies, Universe

Introduction to the universe beyond the solar system. Includes the nature of light, how astronomers and telescopes work, and the possibilities of alien life in the universe. Also includes the lifetime of stars, exotic objects such as quasars, pulsars and black holes; and the origin, nature, and future of the universe.

4. Introduction to Administration of Justice Systems

Survey of World History from prehistory to roughly C.E. 1500, with an emphasis upon the cultural development of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Includes the development of non-European civilizations, from prehistoric tribal societies to the rise of nation states and their interactions with Europe.

5. Community Engagement

This course presents students with an opportunity to read and reflect on the role of service in higher education, as well as the role of service in constructions of civic identity. While considering these academic questions, students will practice problem-solving, professional communication, community outreach and more by working four hours per week in a partner organization.

6. Honors Program

Students will engage in the following classes:

1. Academic Literacy

2. Biology Concepts

3. English Composition I- Honors Track

4. Modern Western Civilization

5. Movement

Why Choose Us


We are more than experienced. We have proven successes with helping students navigate and prepare for their futures.

Team Of Experts

Our teachers are experts in their subjects. We seek out teachers who themselves are students, constantly learning and bring current and representative knowledge of higher education and industry developments.

110+ Electives

Students choose from a myriad of electives to suit their goals. Many of our classes offer certifications such as Six Sigma and preparation for professional designations from Google, Microsoft, and Quickbooks.